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Duke Cannon WWII Big Ass Brick of Soap, Naval Supremacy

Become the master and commander of the high seas with this superior grade Duke Cannon Soap. Designed for hard-working men, it's made with triple-milled steel cut grains for maximum grip and exfoliation. With a refreshing ocean scent, this Big Ass Brick is the only soap awesome enough to be dubbed Naval Supremacy.

  • Made in the USA
  • Limited edition WWII-era packaging reads "Naval Supremacy Starts in Your Shower"
  • Blue soap with a refreshing ocean scent
  • All-natural tallow base with coconut oil
  • Made with triple-milled steel cut oats for superior quality
  • Inspired by the large, "brick" style soap issued to G.I.s during the Korean War
  • Three times the size of standard soaps
  • Tested by active duty military personnel
  • A portion of proceeds benefits U.S. veterans
  • Choice of box design
  • 10 oz
  • $ 1000

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