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Grass in Sphere Glass Vase

Grass in Sphere Glass Vase

Enjoy the beauty of green grass year-round with this stunning faux plant. With lush blades, gorgeous pebbles and striking spherical vases, these decorations will invigorate any interior. Handmade with unparalleled precision and artistry, each NDI creation takes weeks for craftsmen to perfect. Your guests will never believe it's manmade, and you can enjoy its beauty for a lifetime.

  • Handmade faux plant crafted from the finest materials by skilled artists in the USA
  • Glass vases filled with pebbles and acrylic "water"
  • Designed by NDI, an ARTS Hall of Fame member
  • Featured in Traditional Home and Elle Décor
  • 12 (DIA) x 10 (H) inches
  • $ 7000

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