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Casina Rossa Gourmet Italian Salt Stack

Casina Rossa Gourmet Italian Salt Stack

These flavor-infused gourmet salts are a delightful way to elevate your cooking. Just a pinch or two bumps up the flavor profile of any dish. The assortment pack includes the award-winning Truffle & Salt with its earthy, mushroom-like flavor; Fennel & Salt with its zesty, anise-like taste; Fiori & Salt with its fragrant floral notes; Porcini & Salt with its savory, mushroom flavor; Saffron & Salt with its exotic, mild taste; and Herb & Salt with its classic Italian seasoning. Go on a taste adventure or give as a gift to your favorite foodie.

  • Imported from Italy
  • 6 color-coded jars for easy identification
  • Gourmet salt paired with fennel, saffron, fiori, porcini and Italian herbs
  • 1.1 oz. each
  • $ 2850

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